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Panelists, Fall’10 Seminar, October 2

Terri Fogarty, Publisher/Editor, www.EuropeUpClose.com Terri fell head over heels in love with European countries and cities on her first trip to Paris, France.  “That was over 20 years ago,” she says with a smile.  Since then she and her husband Bill have traveled throughout Europe more and forty-five times in all.  As a travel agent, […]

Fall ’10 Seminar Round-table Co-host, Katy Muldoon

Fall ’10 Seminar Round-table Co-host, Katy Muldoon

A staff writer and editor at The Oregonian since 1984, Katy Muldoon has covered volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, funerals, fiestas and more.  She’s also been a sports writer, science writer, health reporter, news and features writer and tries her hand at travel writing. With her current “Northwest Stories” beat at the newspaper, Katy writes about […]

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Online Writing Jobs: Helpful Sites

The Internet has undisputedly revolutionized the business of writing. Online writing job websites allow freelancers to access markets that otherwise would be difficult, if not impossible, to find. One downside is that every other writer in the world also has access to these same job postings. A Google search for “online writing job websites” returned […]

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