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Travel & Words Spring ’12, Did You Know?

On Sunday afternoon, April 29th, at 5:00 p.m. attendees are invited to join the NETWORKING MIXER in Fort Worden Conference Center Local Goods Cafe and Lounge area. Fort Worden’s 5-star chef, Dusty Cope, will offer his fave appetizers made from fresh local ingredients. The no-host Wine Bar will serve Washington wines, local microbrew ales, and […]

T&W Spring ’12, Launches FaceBook Page

Travel & Words Spring ’12 embraces FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn: the Social Media world! Our new FaceBook page, TravelAndWords,  is launched and ready for posting. We hope you will become a Friend, Like us, and follow along as the Travel & Words Spring ’12 conference, April 29-30, 2012, draws near. A gaggle of freelance travel […]

T&W Spring ’12, Meet & Greet Freelance Writers’ Panel

Welcome aboard to Travel & Words Freelance Writers Panel:  MICHAEL FAGIN, Redmond WA, FL writer, author, blogger and Northwest weather forecaster will share how he is casting a wide net with his freelancing; SUE FRAUSE, Whidbey Island, FL writer, blogger, Facebook and Twitter social media maven as well as fitting in radio and culinary theater […]

Post Conference Research Trips

Touring Wineries in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon’s wine country is crammed with story ideas for travel writers. Scores of vineyards and wineries cover thousands of acres in this diverse, scenic area. Recently I toured several wineries and found a trove of great stories, along with excellent wines, in every tasting room. As the lucky winner of a drawing held at […]

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