TRAVEL & WORDS SPRING ’12 at Fort Worden State Park Conference Center in Port Townsend gets  underway on Sunday, April 29th, at 1:00 p.m. with Meet & Greet and with getting acquainted with Tourism Exhibitors at their tables in the conference space. You’ll connect with Jacqueline Cartier and Annette Bagley from Bellingham-Whatcom County Tourism; Marcia Janke from Wenatchee Valley Visitors Bureau; Robin Jacobson from San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau; Patty Graf-Hoke from Kitsap Peninsula Convention & Visitors Bureau; and others as they come on board

You’ll meet the Freelance Writers Panel participants: Sue Frause from Whidbey Island; Karen Gilb from Vancouver WA;  Marty Wingate from Seattle; and Carrie Uffindell from Portland.

And you’ll also meet Jason Brick, freelancer from Portland who will share his strategies for casting his freelance writing net wide enough to earn a living from his writing and marketing.


NW Snapshots

Vancouver Island, BC: Unique Story Ideas

Traveling to Vancouver Island, BC, and only visiting the provincial capital of Victoria is like having a hot fudge sundae and only eating the cherry garnish on top; it is tasty, but you miss the flavorful richness of the entire dessert. Travel writers seeking unique story ideas about family-friendly Vancouver Island destinations with outstanding scenic […]

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